10 very useful French slang words

10 very useful French slang words 💬

When learning a new language, it’s important to not only learn the formal vocabulary, but also the informal language used in everyday conversations.

French slang is an integral part of the language and can greatly enhance your communication skills.

Here are 10 very useful French slang words that you can add to your vocabulary:

1. “Boloss” – This slang word is used to describe someone who is a loser or a fool.

2. “Chouette” – This word means “cool” or “great.”

3. “Déconner” – This word means “to mess around” or “to joke.”

4. “Délirer” – This word means “to have fun” or “to be crazy.”

5. “Faire la bringue” – This expression means “to party” or “to have a good time.” (it’s a little bit old fashion however)

6. “Glander” – This word means “to loaf around” or “to do nothing.”

7. “Kiffer” – This slang word means “to like” or “to love.”

8. “Ouf” – This slang word is used to emphasize how great or cool something is.

9. “Rouler une pelle” – This expression means “to French kiss.”

10. “Glander” – This slang word means “to wander around aimlessly” or “to procrastinate.”

By incorporating these slang words into your vocabulary, you will sound more like a native French speaker and be able to express yourself more effectively in informal situations. Keep in mind, however, that slang words and expressions can vary depending on the region and the age group, so be sure to listen and learn from native speakers.

In conclusion, adding French slang to your vocabulary can greatly improve your ability to communicate in informal situations. Whether you’re traveling to France or speaking with native French speakers, these 10 useful slang words will come in handy.



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