French level test

French level test: Check your French level!

On this page you will find free online tests you can use to evaluate your level in French grammar, and check your knowledge: are you a beginner or do you have an advanced level?

Good luck!

  1. Can you speak French? Test your level online
  2. French language test • Prefixes
  3. French language test | Qualifying adjectives
  4. French language test | M or N? (choose the right spelling)
  5. French language test: Find the correct word
  6. French language test online – Prefixes
  7. French language level test – M or N?
  8. French language practice online | Synonyms
  9. French language practice – Pronounciation
  10. French Level Test • Conjugation
  11. French Level Test | Synonyms
  12. French level test: Plural nouns
  13. French Level Test – Quel, Quelle or Qu’elle
  14. French test (free) – Feminine nouns
  15. French level test online • CE or SE?
  16. French level test online – Synonyms
  17. French level test online | Conjugation
  18. French level test online | Opposite words
  19. French level test (free) – Gender of Nouns
  20. French level test B1 – Past Participle
  21. French language proficiency test • Antonyms
  22. French language proficiency test – Grammatical homophones
  23. French Language Proficiency Test | Simple Present Tense Conjugation
  24. French language proficiency test: Find the right word
  25. Language proficiency test French
  26. French proficiency test online • Interrogative sentences
  27. French proficiency test online | Negative sentences
  28. French proficiency test online: Pronouns
  29. French proficiency test – a or à?
  30. French Proficiency Test | Qualifying Adjectives
  31. French proficiency test (free) | Possessive determiners

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