Can you speak French? Test your level online

Can you speak French?

Introduction: Are you curious about your French proficiency? Take our online quiz to test your skills!

This quiz will cover various aspects of the French language, including grammar, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Find out your French level and gain insights into areas where you can improve. Bonne chance!


1. Choose the correct definite article for the noun “livre”:

a) Le b) La c) Les d) L’

2. Conjugate the verb “manger” in the present tense for “nous”:

a) Nous mangeons  b) Nous mangons  c) Nous manges  d) Nous mangez

3. Which of the following sentences means “I am going to the library”?

a) Je vais Ă  la bibliothèque.  b) Je vais Ă  la gare.  c) Je vais Ă  l’hĂ´pital.  d) Je vais au cinĂ©ma.

4. What is the past participle of the verb “avoir”?

a) Eu  b) Avoir  c) Avu  d) Avons

5. Which of the following words is NOT a French color?

a) Jaune  b) Rojo  c) Vert  d) Bleu

6. Choose the correct form of the adjective “petit” to agree with the noun “maisons”:

a) Petite  b) Petites  c) Petits  d) Petit

7. Translate the following sentence to French: “She speaks French very well.”

a) Elle parle très bien français.  b) Elle parle français très bien.  c) Elle parle très bien le français.  d) Elle parle français très bon.

8. In the following sentence, what is the function of the word “que”? “Je pense que tu as raison.”

a) Conjunction  b) Pronoun  c) Preposition  d) Adverb

9. What is the meaning of the French phrase “Ça ne fait rien”?

a) It doesn’t matter.  b) It’s not here.  c) It’s not ready.  d) It’s not working.

10. Complete the following sentence with the correct form of the verb “ĂŞtre”: “Elles _____ contentes.”

a) Est  b) Es  c) Sont  d) êtes


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After completing the quiz, you can provide your readers with a simple scoring system to help them assess their French level based on the number of correct answers.

This will give them a rough idea of their current proficiency and which areas may need improvement.


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