French expressions and phrases (with PDF)

French expressions and phrases (+PDF)

Welcome to our French expressions and phrases teaching page! One of the most exciting aspects of learning a new language is discovering the unique expressions and phrases that are used by native speakers. French is no exception, with its rich and diverse collection of idioms, proverbs, and colloquialisms.

On this page, we offer a comprehensive guide to some of the most common and interesting French expressions and phrases. From everyday greetings to more complex idiomatic expressions, our content is designed to help you master the language in a fun and engaging way.

Our teaching approach emphasizes practicality and relevance, with a focus on the expressions and phrases that you’re most likely to encounter in real-life situations. We provide plenty of opportunities for practice and review, including exercises, quizzes, and interactive activities.

At our teaching website, we believe that language learning should be enjoyable and engaging. That’s why we’ve designed our content to be both informative and entertaining, with a variety of multimedia resources to keep you motivated and inspired.

Whether you’re a student, a traveler, or simply a language enthusiast, our French expressions and phrases teaching page is the perfect place to start or continue your language-learning journey. So let’s get started and explore the fascinating world of French expressions and phrases together!

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  1. Basic greetings in French
  2. 100 French sentences you have to know
  3. How to greet someone in French
  4. Asking for directions
  5. Asking for information
  6. Days of the week
  7. Describing food
  8. Describing people
  9. Describing your job
  10. Eating out at a restaurant
  11. Expressing admiration (e.g., “I admire…”)
  12. Expressing agreement (e.g., “I agree that…”)
  13. Expressing amazement (e.g., “I’m amazed at…”)
  14. Expressing anger (e.g., “I’m angry at…”)
  15. Expressing apologies (e.g., “I’m sorry for…”)
  16. Expressing best wishes (e.g., “I wish the best for…”)
  17. Expressing boredom (e.g., “I’m bored with…”)
  18. Expressing calmness (e.g., “I feel calm about…”)
  19. Expressing certainty (e.g., “I’m sure that…”)
  20. Expressing confusion (e.g., “I’m confused about…”)
  21. Expressing congratulations (e.g., “Congratulations on…”)
  22. Expressing curiosity (e.g., “I’m curious about…”)
  23. Expressing disagreement (e.g., “I disagree that…”)
  24. Expressing disappointment (e.g., “I’m disappointed with…”)
  25. Expressing disgust (e.g., “I’m disgusted by…”)
  26. Expressing dislike (e.g., “I dislike…”)
  27. Expressing dissatisfaction (e.g., “I’m dissatisfied with…”)
  28. Expressing doubt (e.g., “I’m not sure if…”)
  29. Expressing embarrassment (e.g., “I’m embarrassed about…”)
  30. Expressing encouragement (e.g., “Keep going!”)
  31. Expressing envy (e.g., “I envy…”)
  32. Expressing excitement (e.g., “I’m excited about…”)
  33. Expressing exhaustion (e.g., “I’m exhausted from…”)
  34. Expressing fear (e.g., “I’m afraid of…”)
  35. Expressing frustration (e.g., “I’m frustrated because…”)
  36. Expressing gratitude (e.g., “I’m grateful for…”)
  37. Expressing guilt (e.g., “I feel guilty about…”)
  38. Expressing happiness (e.g., “I’m happy that…”)
  39. Expressing hate (e.g., “I hate…”)
  40. Expressing hope (e.g., “I hope for…”)
  41. Expressing inspiration (e.g., “I’m inspired by…”)
  42. Expressing interest (e.g., “I’m interested in…”)
  43. Expressing joy (e.g., “I’m joyful about…”)
  44. Expressing likes and dislikes
  45. Expressing love (e.g., “I love…”)
  46. French phrases about love
  47. Expressing necessity (e.g., “I have to…”)
  48. Expressing nervousness (e.g., “I’m nervous about…”)
  49. Expressing obligation (e.g., “I should…”)
  50. Expressing possibility (e.g., “Maybe…”)
  51. Expressing preference (e.g., “I prefer…”)
  52. Expressing pride (e.g., “I’m proud of…”)
  53. Expressing purpose (e.g., “I’m here to…”)
  54. Expressing regret (e.g., “I regret that…”)
  55. Expressing relief (e.g., “I’m relieved that…”)
  56. Expressing sadness (e.g., “I’m sad about…”)
  57. Expressing satisfaction (e.g., “I’m satisfied with…”)
  58. Expressing shame (e.g., “I feel ashamed about…”)
  59. Expressing shock (e.g., “I’m shocked that…”)
  60. Expressing surprise (e.g., “Really?”)
  61. Expressing suspicion (e.g., “I suspect that…”)
  62. Expressing sympathy (e.g., “I’m sorry to hear that…”)
  63. Expressing trust (e.g., “I trust…”)
  64. Expressing urgency (e.g., “I need to…”)
  65. Expressing wonder (e.g., “I wonder…”)
  66. Expressing worry (e.g., “I worry about…”)
  67. Talking about your family
  68. Talk about the Weather
  69. Christmas greetings in French
  70. Making plans
  71. Formal greetings in French
  72. Informal greetings in French
  73. Romantic phrases in French
  74. The most romantic phrases in French
  75. French phrases for shopping
  76. French phrases for tourists
  77. French phrases for travel
  78. French travel phrases
  79. Learning basic French for travel
  80. French phrases to know in Paris
  81. Talking about the future
  82. French idiomatic expression with avoir
  83. French idiomatic expression with faire
  84. French idiomatic expression with body parts
  85. French idiomatic expression with animals
  86. French idiomatic expression with food
  87. French idioms with colors
  88. French idioms with numbers
  89. French idioms with clothes
  90. Ask for an opinion
  91. How to indicate a direction
  92. Asking for help
  93. At the airport
  94. At the bar
  95. At the hotel
  96. At work
  97. Changing your mind
  98. Choices and decisions
  99. Exchange contact information
  100. Expressing certainty
  101. Expressing your feelings
  102. Forgetting things
  103. Getting to know each other
  104. Contrast, opposition and concession
  105. Introduce yourself and someone in French
  106. How to refuse and say no
  107. Luck and misfortune
  108. Making comparisons
  109. Making suggestions
  110. Giving advice in French
  111. How to say what you like and love
  112. Share your impressions
  113. Useful phrases to use in French class
  114. 10 Useful phrases in French for tourists
  115. Talk about your tastes
  116. Talk about hobbies (music, movies and sports)
  117. Talk about money
  118. Talk about possibilities
  119. Talk about sport
  120. Talk about the future
  121. Talk about the weather
  122. Talk about your job
  123. At the CafΓ©
  124. Going to the bank
  125. Learning basic French for travel: 10 simple phrases you should know
  126. Going to the doctor
  127. 10 basic French introduction phrases
  128. At the beach
  129. French phrases for traveling: trains and buses
  130. Agreement and disagreement
  131. Inviting someone and be invited
  132. Expressing your opinion
  133. Saying that something is expensive
  134. Flirting in French: 20 lines you should learn before going to Paris
  135. Phone conversations
  136. At the hospital
  137. Guessing something
  138. Cheering someone up
  139. Making an estimate
  140. Going to the dentist
  141. Reminding someone to do something
  142. Places and space
  143. Poverty and wealth
  144. Indicate your intentions
  145. Talking about yourself
  146. Talking about how you feel
  147. Talking about time
  148. Talking about the past
  149. Talking about movies
  150. Talking about family
  151. Insults, swearing, and vulgar expressions
  152. Restriction and condition
  153. Connectors and transitions phrases
  154. Facial expressions
  155. Travelling by car
  156. Talking about charts and statistics
  157. Useful classroom phrases in French
  158. Expressing cause and effect in French
  159. Clothing: useful phrases
  160. Asking questions in French: 20 phrases for beginners
  161. Explaining something
  162. Asking for explanations
  163. How to structure a speech or talk
  164. Abbreviations and acronyms
  165. French phrases to know with avoir
  166. 1000 common French phrases