10 French travel phrases you must know

10 French phrases to learn for travel

Here are ten sentences that can be useful when traveling in a French-speaking country:

  1. Je cherche un hôtel. – I am looking for a hotel. This phrase can be helpful when searching for accommodations during your trip.
  2. Je voudrais acheter un billet de train. – I would like to buy a train ticket. Use this phrase when purchasing train tickets for your travels.
  3. Pouvez-vous m’aider? – Can you help me? This is a useful phrase to ask for help or assistance from a local or someone who works in a store or restaurant.
  4. Comment ça s’écrit? – How is that spelled? This is a useful phrase if you need help spelling a word in French.
  5. Je ne comprends pas. – I don’t understand. If you are having trouble understanding someone or something, use this phrase to indicate that you need more help.
  6. Qu’est-ce que vous recommandez? – What do you recommend? Use this phrase when asking for recommendations from locals or restaurant staff.
  7. J’ai besoin d’une carte SIM. – I need a SIM card. This phrase can be helpful when buying a SIM card for your phone while traveling.
  8. Combien de temps cela prend-il? – How long does it take? If you are unsure about how much time you need for an activity, use this phrase to ask for an estimate.
  9. Je suis perdu(e). – I am lost. Use this phrase when you need help finding your way in a new place.
  10. Pouvez-vous me donner des indications? – Can you give me directions? If you are lost or looking for a specific place, use this phrase to ask for directions from a local.

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