What to say instead of ‘Ça va?’ in French?

Diversifying Your French Greetings: Alternatives to ‘Ça va?’ “Ça va?” is a ubiquitous French greeting, akin to asking “How’s it going?” or “Are you okay?” in English. While perfectly acceptable in many informal situations, the richness of the French language affords us numerous other ways to inquire about someone’s well-being or state of mind. Whether … Read more

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What to say instead of ‘De rien’ in French?

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French sentences for conversation: Expressing embarrassment

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10 Useful French phrases for travel

10 French phrases to know when traveling Here are ten useful sentences for tourists that can help you communicate in French when traveling: 1. Est-ce que vous acceptez les cartes de crédit? – Do you accept credit cards? Use this phrase to ask if a store, restaurant or other establishment accepts credit cards. 2. Je suis … Read more

Formal greetings in French

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Easy French Words to Learn: Around Town

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