French phrases to know with avoir

20 French phrases to know with avoir

Avoir is one of the most important verbs in the French language, and it is used in a variety of expressions and phrases.

In this lesson, we’ll go over 20 French phrases that use the verb avoir.

  1. Avoir faim. (To be hungry.)
  2. Avoir soif. (To be thirsty.)
  3. Avoir besoin de ____. (To need ___.)
  4. Avoir peur de ____. (To be afraid of ___.)
  5. Avoir chaud/froid. (To be hot/cold.)
  6. Avoir mal à ____. (To have a pain in ___.)
  7. Avoir envie de ____. (To feel like doing ___.)
  8. Avoir de la chance. (To be lucky.)
  9. Avoir de l’expérience. (To have experience.)
  10. Avoir raison/tort. (To be right/wrong.)
  11. Avoir du temps libre. (To have free time.)
  12. Avoir de la patience. (To have patience.)
  13. Avoir de la difficulté à ____. (To have difficulty ___.)
  14. Avoir l’air de ____. (To look like ___.)
  15. Avoir du caractère. (To have character.)
  16. Avoir du succès. (To be successful.)
  17. Avoir de l’imagination. (To have imagination.)
  18. Avoir la tête dans les nuages. (To have your head in the clouds.)
  19. Avoir du bon sens. (To have common sense.)
  20. Avoir le temps de ____. (To have time to ___.)

Learning these common French phrases that use the verb avoir will help you to communicate more effectively with native French speakers and better express your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Additionally, it is helpful to learn some basic French grammar rules and vocabulary to build your language skills. With practice and persistence, you’ll soon be able to speak confidently in French.

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