Basic French phrases: Talk about the weather

Basic French phrases: Talk about the weather

When traveling to a French-speaking country or trying to improve your French language skills, it’s important to be able to talk about the weather.

Weather is a common topic of conversation and knowing some basic French phrases can help you express yourself and connect with others.

In this lesson, we’ll go over some essential French phrases that will come in handy when talking about the weather.

“Quel temps fait-il ?” – “What’s the weather like?”

This is a straightforward way to ask someone about the weather. It’s a great conversation starter that can lead to other topics.

“Il fait beau” – “It’s nice out”

Use this phrase when the weather is sunny and pleasant. It’s a positive and friendly way to describe the weather.

“Il fait chaud/froid” – “It’s hot/cold”

These two phrases are great for describing extreme temperatures. “Il fait chaud” is used when it’s hot outside, while “Il fait froid” is used when it’s cold.

“Il pleut” – “It’s raining”

This phrase is useful when it’s raining outside. It’s important to note that the verb “pleuvoir” is impersonal, which means it doesn’t change based on who or what is doing the action.

“Il neige” – “It’s snowing”

Use this phrase when it’s snowing outside. It’s important to note that the verb “neiger” is also impersonal.

“Il y a du vent” – “It’s windy”

This phrase is used to describe windy weather. It’s a great way to express how the wind is affecting the weather.

“Le temps est variable” – “The weather is changeable”

This phrase is used to describe weather that is unpredictable and can change quickly. It’s a useful phrase to have in your vocabulary during the transitional seasons.

By learning these basic French phrases for talking about the weather, you can engage in conversation with others, make plans, and express your thoughts and feelings. Be sure to practice these phrases so that you can communicate confidently and effectively in any weather condition.

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