French language practice – Pronounciation

French language practice – Pronounciation

Free French exercise to do online or to print with the answers, for training and evaluation of French knowledge. You can do it at home or use it for your students if you are a French teacher.

All the exercises, tests and quizzes are corrected to practice on your own (Answers are at the bottom of the page.)

In each list of words, check the one that is not pronounced like the other two:

1. marie    maire    mère

2. sans    sang    camp

3. tant    thon    temps

4. met    mythe    mite 

5. compte    conte    content

6. saigne    cygne    signe 

7. champ   chaud    chant

8. palais    pâle    palet 

9. tasse    tache    tâche 

10. pelle    pot    peau



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