Best French words to know: Journalism, press & the media

Best French words to know: Journalism, press & the media

As a powerful tool for transmitting news, ideas, and opinions, journalism plays a significant role in society. Whether it is print media, broadcast media, or online media, journalists and reporters are dedicated to providing the public with timely and accurate information.

To help you improve your French language skills, here is an English-French vocabulary list related to journalism, press, and media.

The press – La presse
The media – Les médias
A journalist – Un journaliste / une journaliste
A reporter – Un reporter
An interview – Une interview
A microphone – Un micro
A recording – Un enregistrement
Live broadcasting – Le direct
A presenter – Un présentateur / une présentatrice
A broadcast / program – Une émission
A TV channel – Une chaîne de télévision
A TV news program – Un journal télévisé
An article – Un article
Headlines – Les gros titres
An investigation – Une enquête
A report – Un reportage
A section – Une rubrique
A coverage – Une couverture
The news – Les actualités
The news / information – Les informations
News in brief / local news – Les faits divers
The weather forecast – La météo
A photographer – Un photographe / une photographe
A photo – Une photo
A shot – Un cliché
A newspaper – Un journal
A daily newspaper – Un quotidien
A weekly magazine – Un hebdomadaire
A monthly magazine – Un mensuel
A newsstand – Un kiosque à journaux

These words and phrases related to journalism and the media are essential if you want to talk about current events or read the news in French. With practice, you can expand your vocabulary and improve your comprehension of French news media.

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