Best French words to know: Mind and opinion

Best French words to know: Mind and opinion

Understanding the correct English-French vocabulary related to mind and opinion is essential for expressing and understanding one’s thoughts and beliefs. Here is an English-French vocabulary list of some common words and phrases related to mind and opinion:

English-French Vocabulary List:

  1. Mind – L’esprit (masculine noun)
  2. Thought – La pensée
  3. Idea – L’idée (feminine noun)
  4. Opinion – L’opinion (feminine noun)
  5. Belief – La croyance
  6. Perception – La perception
  7. Attitude – L’attitude (feminine noun)
  8. View – La vue
  9. Point of view – Le point de vue
  10. Perspective – La perspective
  11. Concept – Le concept
  12. Philosophy – La philosophie
  13. Consciousness – La conscience
  14. Intelligence – L’intelligence (feminine noun)
  15. Understanding – La compréhension
  16. Knowledge – La connaissance
  17. Wisdom – La sagesse
  18. Logic – La logique
  19. Reason – La raison
  20. Rationality – La rationalité

Understanding these words and phrases is essential for expressing and discussing one’s thoughts and beliefs in both English and French. With practice and repetition, you will become more comfortable using them in everyday conversations.

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