CLEP French practice test (online)

CLEP French practice test (online)

Instructions: The following quiz covers some additional topics that may appear on the CLEP French exam, including grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge. Choose the best answer for each question and write the corresponding letter in the blank space.


In French, which of the following means “mirror”?
a. Table
b. Fenêtre
c. Tapis
d. Miroir

Which of these is the correct way to say “See you tomorrow” in French?
a. À demain
b. À tout à l’heure
c. À bientôt
d. À plus tard

Choose the correct translation for the sentence “You (plural) must study for the exam.”
a. Vous devez étudier pour l’examen.
b. Vous devriez étudier pour l’examen.
c. Ils doivent étudier pour l’examen.
d. Nous devons étudier pour l’examen.

The French expression “Tout à coup” means:
a. All of a sudden
b. All the time
c. All together
d. At any rate

In which region of France is the city of Bordeaux located?
a. Île-de-France
b. Normandy
c. Provence
d. Nouvelle-Aquitaine

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This quiz is designed to give you a taste of the kind of questions you may encounter on the CLEP French exam. The actual exam covers a wider range of topics, including listening and reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge.

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