French conversation practice online (topic: Music)

French conversation practice online (topic: Music)

Here’s a translation quiz about French sentences on the topic of music:

1. La musique adoucit les mœurs.

A. Music soothes the savage beast.

B. Music can be very loud.

C. Music makes people angry.

2. Je préfère la musique classique à la musique pop.

A. I prefer pop music to classical music.

B. I prefer classical music to pop music.

C. I don’t like any music.

3. Nous allons au concert ce soir pour voir notre groupe préféré.

A. We are going to the park tonight.

B. We are going to the movies tonight.

C. We are going to the concert tonight to see our favorite band.

4. J’aime jouer de la guitare et chanter.

A. I like to play guitar and sing.

B. I don’t like to play any instruments.

C. I like to dance.

5. La chanson est très triste, elle me fait pleurer.

A. The song is very happy, it makes me dance.

B. The song is very sad, it makes me cry.

C. The song is very boring, it makes me fall asleep.

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