French exercises for beginners – On or Ont?

French exercises for beginners – On or Ont?

Free French test to do online or to print with the answers, for training and evaluation of French knowledge. You can do it at home or use it for your students if you are a French teacher.

All the exercises, tests and quizzes are corrected to practice on your own (Answers are at the bottom of the page.)

Complete the following sentences with “on” or “ont” : 

1.   va dormir bientôt.

2. Ces gens  besoin d’aide.

3. Les chevaux  l’air fatigués.

4.   a une faim de loup.

5.   part en vacances.

6. Mes voisins  une nouvelle tondeuse.

7.   a terminé nos dessins.

8. Elles  fait à manger.

9. Les enfants  faim.

10. Le lundi,  va à l’école.


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