French Interrogative Words (Question Words): An easy Guide for Beginners

Question Words in French • Rules and Examples

Interrogative words are used to form questions in a language.

In French, there are several commonly used interrogative words that play a crucial role in forming questions.

  1. Qui – used to ask about a person (Who)
  2. Que – used to ask about a thing (What)
  3. – used to ask about a place (Where)
  4. Quand – used to ask about time (When)
  5. Pourquoi – used to ask about a reason (Why)
  6. Comment – used to ask about a method or manner (How)
  7. Combien – used to ask about quantity or number (How much/How many)


  • Qui est-ce ? (Who is it?)
  • Que voulez-vous ? (What do you want?)
  • Où allez-vous ? (Where are you going?)
  • Quand avez-vous besoin de moi ? (When do you need me?)
  • Pourquoi pleures-tu ? (Why are you crying?)
  • Comment vas-tu ? (How are you?)
  • Combien coûte cela ? (How much does it cost?)

It is worth mentioning that interrogative words can also be used at the beginning of a sentence to form a question, for example:

  • Qui est-ce qui a pris le livre ? (Who took the book?)

In conclusion, French interrogative words play a crucial role in forming questions in the language.

By mastering their usage, French learners can further enhance their ability to effectively communicate in the language and ask questions to gather information.


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