French Prepositions List: The most common French prepositions

French Prepositions List: The most common French prepositions

Prepositions are words that show the relationship between a noun or pronoun and other words in a sentence.

They are crucial to understanding the meaning of sentences in any language, including French.

Here is a list of the most common French prepositions with examples:

1. à – to, at, in   

Ex: Je vais à l’école. (I’m going to school.)

2. chez – at the house of, at   

Ex: Je vais chez mon ami. (I’m going to my friend’s house.)

3. de – of, from   

Ex: C’est un livre de Gustave Flaubert. (It’s a book by Gustave Flaubert.)

4. dans – in, into

Ex: Je suis dans la maison. (I’m in the house.)

5. en – in, by

Ex: Je suis en France. (I’m in France.)

6. pour – for, in order to

Ex: Je travaille pour l’argent. (I work for money.)

7. sans – without

Ex: Je mange sans sel. (I eat without salt.)

8. sous – under

Ex: Le chat est sous la table. (The cat is under the table.)

9. avec – with

Ex: Je vais au cinéma avec mes amis. (I’m going to the cinema with my friends.)

10. sur – on, upon

Ex: Le livre est sur la table. (The book is on the table.)

11. entre – between

Ex: Nous sommes entre amis. (We are between friends.)

12. devant – in front of

Ex: Le chat est devant la porte. (The cat is in front of the door.)

13. derrière – behind

Ex: Le chat est derrière la porte. (The cat is behind the door.)

14. contre – against

Ex: Je suis contre le mur. (I’m against the wall.)

These are the most common French prepositions and their meanings.

Understanding the use of prepositions is crucial to speaking French correctly and communicating effectively.

With these examples, you should have a good foundation to build upon and master the use of prepositions in French.


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