How to Use the French Pronoun EN?

How to Use the French Pronoun EN?

The French pronoun “en” is used to refer to the nouns previously mentioned in a sentence, and it roughly translates to “of it” or “of them” in English. Here’s how to use it:

1. To refer to the quantity or amount of a noun: “J’ai acheté du pain et j’en ai assez.” (I bought some bread and I have enough of it.)

2. To replace a prepositional phrase with the noun: “Je suis allé à la boulangerie pour acheter du pain. J’en ai acheté.” (I went to the bakery to buy bread. I bought some of it.)

3. To replace the object of a verb: “Je mange du pain. Je n’en mange pas souvent.” (I eat bread. I don’t eat it often.)

It’s important to note that the pronoun “en” must agree in gender and number with the noun it replaces. In some cases, “de” is used instead of “en”. Practice using “en” in context to become comfortable with it.



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