10 French romantic sayings

10 French romantic sayings

French is known as the language of love and romance, and this is reflected in its rich history of beautiful, romantic sayings.

From famous quotes by great poets and playwrights to endearing expressions used by everyday people, French has a wealth of phrases that perfectly capture the essence of love and romance.

In this lesson, we will take a look at 10 of the most romantic French sayings that are sure to capture the hearts of those who read them.

  • “Je t’aime plus que tout au monde” – “I love you more than anything in the world.”
  • “Mon amour pour toi ne connaît pas de limites” – “My love for you knows no bounds.”
  • “Tu es la lumière de ma vie” – “You are the light of my life.”
  • “Je t’aime à la folie” – “I love you to madness.”
  • “Je suis à toi pour toujours” – “I am yours forever.”
  • “Tu es mon rayon de soleil” – “You are my ray of sunshine.”
  • “Je ne pourrais jamais vivre sans toi” – “I could never live without you.”
  • “Je t’aime plus que hier et moins que demain” – “I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.”
  • “Mon cœur t’appartient” – “My heart belongs to you.”
  • “Tu es mon âme sœur” – “You are my soulmate.”


These 10 French romantic sayings are just a small sample of the many beautiful expressions used to express love and affection in the French language. Whether you are looking for a sweet sentiment to share with a loved one, or simply appreciate the beauty of the French language, these sayings are sure to capture your heart. So why not take a moment to savor the beauty of these romantic French sayings and allow yourself to be swept away by the power of love and romance.



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