French Vocabulary about Wine and Cheese Pairings

French Vocabulary about Wine and Cheese Pairings

Immerse yourself in the quintessential French experience of wine and cheese pairings with our curated vocabulary list. Perfect for foodies, wine enthusiasts, and anyone keen on savoring the rich tapestry of French gastronomy, this guide is essential for navigating the complex yet rewarding world of French wines and cheeses.

Whether you’re hosting a tasting, exploring local vineyards, or simply indulging in the pleasure of these pairings at home, our list will equip you with the key terms needed to deepen your appreciation and understanding of this art. Dive into the harmonious blend of flavors and traditions that make French wine and cheese pairings a global standard for culinary excellence.

  1. Wine -> Vin
  2. Cheese -> Fromage
  3. Pairing -> Accord
  4. Vineyard -> Vignoble
  5. Tasting -> Dégustation
  6. Aroma -> Arôme
  7. Body (of the wine) -> Corps (du vin)
  8. Texture (of the cheese) -> Texture (du fromage)
  9. Flavor -> Saveur
  10. Red Wine -> Vin rouge
  11. White Wine -> Vin blanc
  12. Rosé Wine -> Vin rosé
  13. Sparkling Wine -> Vin pétillant
  14. Dry Wine -> Vin sec
  15. Sweet Wine -> Vin doux
  16. Mature Cheese -> Fromage affiné
  17. Soft Cheese -> Fromage à pâte molle
  18. Hard Cheese -> Fromage à pâte dure
  19. Blue Cheese -> Fromage bleu
  20. Goat Cheese -> Fromage de chèvre
  21. Terroir -> Terroir
  22. Sommelier -> Sommelier
  23. Winemaker -> Vigneron
  24. Aging (of wine) -> Vieillissement (du vin)
  25. Ripening (of cheese) -> Affinage (du fromage)
  26. Grape Variety -> Cépage
  27. Fermentation -> Fermentation
  28. Bouquet (wine aroma) -> Bouquet (arôme du vin)
  29. Creamy -> Crémeux
  30. Oak-aged -> Vieilli en fût de chêne

This vocabulary list serves as a foundation for anyone looking to delve into the delightful world of French wine and cheese pairings, offering a glimpse into the language that describes one of France’s most celebrated culinary traditions.

Whether you’re discussing preferences with a sommelier, selecting pairings for an event, or simply enjoying the pleasures of French gastronomy, these terms will enhance your experience and appreciation for this exquisite aspect of French culture.

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