Intermediate French vocabulary: Real estate

Intermediate French Vocabulary: Real Estate

Bonjour chers lecteurs! If you’ve found your way to this post, it’s possible you’re not just looking to order a coffee or ask for directions in French.

Perhaps you’re considering a more permanent establishment in a Francophone country, or you’re just curious about real estate terminology in French.

Regardless, bienvenue to the world of French real estate vocabulary!

Real estate plays a crucial role in our lives, whether we’re buying, selling, or renting a space.

To navigate this domain in a French-speaking environment, you need to be equipped with the right terms. Here we go!

Basic Real Estate Terms:

  1. Immobilier (Ee-moh-beel-yay) – Real Estate.
  2. Agent immobilier (Ah-zhawn ee-moh-beel-yay) – Real estate agent.
  3. Agence immobilière (Ah-zhawns ee-moh-beel-yair) – Real estate agency.
  4. Maison (May-zon) – House.
  5. Appartement (Ah-par-teh-mawn) – Apartment.

Buying and Selling:

  1. À vendre (A vahn-druh) – For sale.
  2. Acheter (Ah-sheh-tay) – To buy.
  3. Vendre (Vahn-druh) – To sell.
  4. Propriétaire (Pro-pree-ay-tair) – Owner.
  5. Prix (Pree) – Price.
  6. Offre (Of-fur) – Offer.
  7. Négocier (Nay-goh-syay) – Negotiate.


  1. À louer (A loo-ay) – For rent.
  2. Louer (Loo-ay) – To rent.
  3. Bail (Bye) – Lease.
  4. Locataire (Lo-kah-tair) – Tenant.
  5. Loyer (Lwa-yay) – Rent (noun, as in the cost).

Types of Houses and Buildings:

  1. Studio (Stoo-dee-oh) – Studio apartment.
  2. Duplex (Due-pleks) – Duplex.
  3. Villa (Vee-la) – Villa.
  4. Immeuble (Ee-muhb-luh) – Building, typically an apartment building.
  5. Chalet (Shah-lay) – Chalet, often in mountainous regions.

Features and Facilities:

  1. Jardin (Zhar-dan) – Garden.
  2. Terrasse (Teh-ras) – Terrace.
  3. Garage (Gah-rahzh) – Garage.
  4. Sous-sol (Soo-sol) – Basement.
  5. Ascenseur (As-son-sur) – Elevator.

Remember, when diving into the real estate market in a new country, it’s not just the language you’ll want to familiarize yourself with. Each country will have its own legal and procedural nuances.

However, having a solid understanding of these terms will undoubtedly give you a head start and make the process smoother.

Bonne chance in your real estate endeavors in the Francophone world, and until next time, à bientôt! 🏡🇫🇷

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