French vocabulary list: Society

French vocabulary list: Society

Learning the vocabulary related to society is an essential part of mastering the French language.

This list of English-French words will introduce you to some of the most common terms related to society, including social classes, institutions, and more.

Vocabulary List:

  1. Society – la société
  2. Culture – la culture
  3. Community – la communauté
  4. Class – la classe
  5. Social class – la classe sociale
  6. Working class – la classe ouvrière
  7. Middle class – la classe moyenne
  8. Upper class – la classe supérieure
  9. Institution – l’institution (f)
  10. Government – le gouvernement
  11. Democracy – la démocratie
  12. Monarchy – la monarchie
  13. Dictatorship – la dictature
  14. Citizenship – la citoyenneté
  15. Freedom – la liberté
  16. Equality – l’égalité
  17. Justice – la justice
  18. Law – la loi
  19. Politics – la politique
  20. Activism – le militantisme

This list of English-French vocabulary related to society will help you to understand and communicate about some of the most important concepts and institutions in the French language.

By mastering this vocabulary, you’ll be better equipped to navigate the complex social and political landscape of France and other French-speaking countries.

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