French Words to Know: Gardening Vocabulary

French Words to Know: Gardening Vocabulary

If you love gardening, it can be a great way to enjoy the outdoors and create something beautiful. If you live in a French-speaking country, it’s also a great opportunity to practice your language skills.

This vocabulary list includes many common gardening related terms and phrases that will help you to communicate with other gardeners or purchase supplies for your garden. So, let’s get started!

  1. garden β†’ le jardin
  2. flower β†’ la fleur
  3. plant β†’ la plante
  4. tree β†’ l’arbre (m)
  5. grass β†’ l’herbe (f)
  6. soil β†’ le sol
  7. compost β†’ le compost
  8. fertilizer β†’ l’engrais (m)
  9. seed β†’ la graine
  10. watering can β†’ l’arrosoir (m)
  11. hose β†’ le tuyau d’arrosage
  12. gloves β†’ les gants (m)
  13. trowel β†’ la truelle
  14. rake β†’ le rΓ’teau
  15. hoe β†’ la binette
  16. pruning shears β†’ le sΓ©cateur
  17. wheelbarrow β†’ la brouette
  18. sun β†’ le soleil
  19. shade β†’ l’ombre (f)
  20. flower bed β†’ le parterre de fleurs
  21. vegetable garden β†’ le potager
  22. herb garden β†’ le jardin d’herbes
  23. mulch β†’ le paillis
  24. trellis β†’ la treille
  25. greenhouse β†’ la serre
  26. plant pot β†’ le pot de fleurs
  27. gardening gloves β†’ les gants de jardinage (m)
  28. watering hose β†’ le tuyau d’arrosage
  29. sprinkler β†’ l’arroseur (m)
  30. snail β†’ l’escargot (m)

We hope this vocabulary list will help you to enjoy your gardening hobby in French and communicate effectively with other gardeners.

Practice using these words in conversation or when purchasing gardening supplies, and watch your French skills bloom!

Bonne chance!

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