List of French words used in English

List of French words used in English – The Influence of French on English:

French has had a significant impact on the English language, with many French words and phrases adopted and incorporated into English. These words are often used in different fields, such as cuisine, fashion, and art.

Knowing the correct English-French vocabulary can help you to communicate more effectively and expand your vocabulary.

Here is an English-French vocabulary list of some common French words used in English:

English-French Vocabulary List:

  1. Déjà vu – The feeling of having experienced something before. – Déjà vu
  2. Fiancé – A man who is engaged to be married. – Un fiancé
  3. Boutique – A small shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories. – Une boutique
  4. Cuisine – A style of cooking, especially a particular national style of cooking. – La cuisine
  5. Château – A large country house or castle. – Un château
  6. Baguette – A long, thin loaf of French bread. – Une baguette
  7. Lingerie – Women’s underwear and nightclothes. – La lingerie
  8. Encore – A repeated or additional performance. – Encore
  9. Bon appétit – A phrase said before a meal to wish the diners enjoyment of the food. – Bon appétit
  10. RSVP – An abbreviation for répondez s’il vous plaît, meaning please respond. – RSVP
  11. Rendezvous – A meeting at an agreed time and place. – Un rendez-vous
  12. Cliché – A phrase or idea that is overused or predictable. – Un cliché
  13. Elite – A group or class of people seen as the best or most skilled in a society. – L’élite (feminine noun)
  14. Faux pas – A social mistake or blunder. – Un faux pas
  15. Hors d’oeuvre – A small savory dish, typically served as an appetizer. – Les hors-d’œuvre (masculine plural noun)
  16. Noir – Of the color black. – Noir(e)
  17. Parfait – A dessert consisting of layers of ice cream, fruit, and syrup. – Un parfait
  18. Résumé – A brief account of a person’s education, qualifications, and previous experience. – Un résumé
  19. Sabotage – Deliberate destruction or damage of something. – Le sabotage
  20. Touché – A phrase used to acknowledge a hit or score in a sport or game, or to acknowledge a successful criticism or point made in an argument. – Touché

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