Gender neutral pronouns in French

Gender neutral pronouns in French

Here’s a lesson on gender Neutral Pronouns in French with examples:

In recent years, gender-neutral language has become more important in many languages, including French.

A gender-neutral pronoun is a pronoun that does not specify the gender of the person being referred to.

Gender Neutral Pronouns in French:

  • on” (one, we)
  • eux.elles” (them)
  • ils.elles” (they)


  • On va au cinéma.” (We are going to the cinema.)
  • Ils / Elles elles sont ami.e.s.” (They are friends.)
  • “Ils / Elles sont enseignant.e.s.” (They are teachers.)

Note that while “on” and “eux.elles” have gained popularity as gender-neutral options in recent years, “ils.elles” is not as widely accepted.

I hope this lesson with examples helps with your French teaching on gender-neutral language!


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