How do you say “has” in French

Learn how to say “has” in French:

“Has” in French is “a” in the present tense and “avait” in the past tense.

When speaking about someone having something in the present tense, the word “a” is used in French. For example, “I have a book” in French is “J’ai un livre.” Similarly, “She has a car” in French is “Elle a une voiture.”

In the past tense, the word “avait” is used to express the idea of having. For example, “I had a bike” in French is “J’avais un vélo.” And “They had a house” in French is “Ils avaient une maison.”

It’s worth noting that the French language has several different verb conjugations, so the exact form of “has” may change depending on the subject and tense. However, the above examples should give you a good starting point for expressing the idea of having in French.

In conclusion, whether you’re speaking in the present or past tense, the word “a” or “avait” is used to express the idea of having in French. Practice using these words in different sentences and contexts to get a better feel for how they’re used in conversation.


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