How do you say “how do you say” in French

Learn how to say “how do you say” in French:

If you are trying to ask someone how to say a certain word or phrase in French, the most common way to ask this in French is “Comment dit-on… en français?”

This translates to “How does one say… in French?”

In French, the phrase “Comment dit-on” is a useful tool to ask for the correct way to say something in the language.

This phrase is commonly used by both native and non-native speakers when they are unsure of the correct pronunciation or expression for a specific word or phrase.

Another way to ask this question in French is “Comment est-ce qu’on dit… en français?”

This is a slightly more formal version of the first phrase, and is often used in more formal or polite situations.

Regardless of the phrase you choose, asking “Comment dit-on” or “Comment est-ce qu’on dit” is a great way to make sure you are using the right words and pronunciation in French, especially if you are a non-native speaker.

Whether you are traveling to a French-speaking country, communicating with French-speaking individuals, or simply studying the language, understanding how to ask for the correct way to say something in French is a valuable tool for improving your language skills.


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