How do you say “we” in French?

Learn how to say “we” in French:

Bonjour! In this lesson, we will explore the different ways to say “we” in French. As a crucial aspect of French grammar, it’s important to know how to express the pronoun “we” in the language.

1. “Nous”: The most common way to say “we” in French is “nous”. This form is used for the first person plural and is equivalent to “we” in English. For example, “Nous allons au cinéma” (We’re going to the movies).

2. “On”: Another way to express “we” in French is “on”. This form is more informal and is often used in everyday conversation. For example, “On mange à la cantine” (We eat at the canteen).

3. “Nous-mêmes”: “Nous-mêmes” is a more formal way of expressing “we” in French and is often used in writing or in formal settings. For example, “Nous-mêmes avons fait le travail” (We did the work ourselves).

It’s important to note that in French, the pronoun “nous” is always followed by a verb, whereas “on” is often used as a subject without a verb. For example, “Nous mangeons” (We eat) versus “On mange” (We eat).

In conclusion, understanding the different ways to say “we” in French will help you communicate effectively in the language. Whether you prefer the formal “nous” or the informal “on”, it’s important to know both forms for a well-rounded French vocabulary. Bonne chance!




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