How do you say “when” in French?

Learn how to say “when” in French:

Bonjour! As you continue your French language journey, it’s important to know different ways to ask questions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different ways to say “when?” in French.

  1. “Quand?”: The most basic and commonly used way to say “when?” in French is “Quand?” For example, “Quand dois-tu aller au travail?” (When do you have to go to work?)
  2. “À quelle heure?”: Another way to say “when?” in French is “À quelle heure?” which translates to “at what time?” For example, “À quelle heure ouvre le magasin?” (At what time does the store open?)
  3. “À quel moment?”: A third way to say “when?” in French is “À quel moment?” which translates to “at what moment?” For example, “À quel moment vas-tu partir?” (At what moment will you leave?)
  4. “Le jour/la date”: To ask about the specific date, you can use the phrase “Le jour/la date.” For example, “Le jour/la date de ton anniversaire, c’est quand?” (What is the date of your birthday?)

In conclusion, these different ways to say “when?” in French are essential for asking questions about time and scheduling. Remember to use the appropriate form for the context, and don’t hesitate to practice your French with native speakers. Good luck!


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