How to say “German” in French

Learn how to say “German” in French:

In French, “German” can be translated to “Allemand” or “Allemande.” This word refers to both the language and the people of Germany. Knowing this word can come in handy if you are traveling in a French-speaking country and need to communicate with someone who speaks German, or if you want to refer to anything related to Germany, such as its culture or cuisine.

It’s always a good idea to learn some basic words and phrases in the local language when traveling to a foreign country. Knowing how to say “German” in French will help you navigate the country with ease and build connections with the locals.

In conclusion, “Allemand” or “Allemande” is the French word for “German.” Whether you are traveling to a French-speaking country, or just want to expand your language knowledge, remember this word and keep practicing your French!



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