How to say “stuff” in French

Learn how to say “stuff” in French:

The word “stuff” in English can have many different meanings and connotations, ranging from material possessions to personal belongings to miscellaneous items. In French, the word “stuff” can be translated in a variety of ways, depending on context.

Here are a few ways to say “stuff” in French:

  1. “Choses” – This is the most general translation of “stuff” in French, and can be used to refer to things, possessions, or articles in general. For example, “J’ai beaucoup de choses à faire aujourd’hui” (I have a lot of stuff to do today).
  2. “Affaires” – This word is a bit more formal than “choses” and is often used to refer to personal belongings or possessions. For example, “J’ai apporté mes affaires” (I brought my stuff).
  3. “Matériel” – This word is often used to refer to tools, materials, or equipment. For example, “J’ai besoin de matériel pour ce travail” (I need stuff for this job).
  4. “Trucs” – This informal word is used to refer to miscellaneous items or things. For example, “Il y a plein de trucs intéressants dans ce magasin” (There’s a lot of interesting stuff in this store).

It’s worth noting that the exact translation of “stuff” in French can vary greatly based on context. It’s always best to use the most appropriate word for the situation, and to consider the tone and formality of your speech.

In conclusion, when you want to say “stuff” in French, you can choose from several options, including “choses”, “affaires”, “matériel”, or “trucs”, depending on the context of your conversation. By using the right word, you’ll be able to communicate effectively and accurately in French.


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