List of common French words: Stages of life

List of common French words: Stages of life

In this vocabulary list, we have compiled a variety of words and phrases related to the different stages of life.

Whether you are looking to describe yourself, family members, or friends, these words will be essential in building your French vocabulary.

Vocabulary List:

  1. La naissance – Birth
  2. L’enfance (f) – Childhood
  3. L’adolescence (f) – Adolescence
  4. La jeunesse – Youth
  5. L’âge adulte (m) – Adulthood
  6. La maturité – Maturity
  7. La vieillesse – Old age
  8. La mort – Death
  9. Le cycle de vie – Life cycle
  10. La croissance – Growth
  11. Le développement – Development
  12. Le vieillissement – Aging
  13. La puberté – Puberty
  14. La retraite – Retirement
  15. Le troisième âge – Senior citizenry
  16. La première enfance – Early childhood
  17. L’âge d’or (m) – Golden age
  18. La fin de vie – End of life
  19. La longévité – Longevity
  20. La durée de vie – Lifespan

Learning French vocabulary related to the different stages of life can help you express yourself better in French and better understand French-speaking culture.

With these essential words, you’ll be able to describe people and events, and participate in conversations with ease.

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