15 longest words in the French language

The 15 longest words in French

French is a beautiful language with a rich vocabulary, and it’s not surprising that it has some of the longest words in the world. Here’s a list of 15 of the longest words in French that are sometimes used in the language.

Anticonstitutionnellement (28 letters) – This word means “unconstitutionally”.

DĂ©partementalisation (20 letters) – This refers to the process of converting a region into a department in France.

InterdĂ©pendance (15 letters) – This means “interdependence”.

Internationalisation (18 letters) – This refers to “internationalization”.

Professionnalisation (18 letters) – This refers to “professionalization”.

Commercialisation (16 letters) – This refers to “commercialization”.

Environnementaliste (18 letters) – This refers to an “environmentalist”.

DĂ©mocratisation (18 letters) – This refers to “democratization”.

Contraventionnalisation (20 letters) – This means “ticketization” or “the process of issuing tickets for minor offenses”.

ParamĂ©dical (11 letters) – This refers to “paramedical”.

DĂ©constitutionnaliseraient (25 letters) – This means “would unconstitutionally”

MĂ©dicalisation (14 letters) – This refers to “medicalization”.

Professionnellement (18 letters) – This means “professionally”.

Industrialisation (18 letters) – This refers to “industrialization”.

Technologique (14 letters) – This means “technological”.

These 15 longest words in French are commonly used in the language and show its rich vocabulary. They are often used in various fields such as law, politics, medicine, and technology, to name a few.

Whether you’re a French speaker or just a language enthusiast, these words are sure to impress and expand your French vocabulary.


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