How to say “Shut up” in French?

“Shut up” in French: How to say it?

The phrase “Shut up” can be translated into French in a few ways, depending on the degree of politeness you wish to convey:

  1. “Tais-toi” (singular) or “Taisez-vous” (plural or formal) – These are direct translations of “Shut up”, and are generally not considered polite, but they are not as rude as some alternatives.
  2. “Ferme-la” – This is a rather informal and somewhat rude way to say “Shut up”.
  3. “Sois silencieux” (singular) or “Soyez silencieux” (plural or formal) – These are more polite ways to ask someone to be quiet. They translate more directly to “Be quiet”.

Remember, just as in English, directly telling someone to “shut up” can be considered rude, especially in formal or unfamiliar social situations. It’s generally better to ask someone to be quiet in a more polite manner.

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