Top French YouTubers to Add to Your Watchlist

The Best of French YouTube: Channels to Watch Today

Top French YouTubers to Add to Your Watchlist

If you’re an avid YouTube consumer looking to diversify your content intake or simply someone interested in the French culture and language, you’re in for a treat. France has given the world much more than just the Eiffel Tower and croissants; it has gifted the world with some incredible digital content creators. Here’s a roundup of the top French YouTubers you should consider adding to your subscription list.

1. Cyprien
With millions of subscribers, Cyprien is arguably the face of French YouTube. His comedic sketches touch upon daily life, pop culture, and general observations. A mix of humor and relatability makes his channel a must-watch.

2. Julien Chieze (video games news)
For gaming enthusiasts and industry insiders alike, Julien Chieze offers in-depth analysis, reviews, and the latest news from the world of video games. His expert insights and candid commentary make him a standout in the gaming YouTube community.

3. Marie
If beauty, lifestyle, and fashion are your go-tos, then Marie Lopez is your ideal French connection. She offers tutorials, product reviews, and glimpses into her personal life, making her channel diverse and engaging.

For the gamers out there, SQUEEZIE (Lucas Hauchard) combines gaming content with humor. Not only does he showcase gameplay, but he also creates original music and sketches that keep viewers entertained beyond the gaming world.

5. Natoo
Natoo (Nathalie Odzierejko) adds a refreshing female voice to the comedy genre on YouTube. She delivers hilariously relatable sketches about womanhood, pets, and everyday life.

6. Dr. Nozman
Science enthusiasts, this one’s for you! Dr. Nozman decodes complex scientific concepts into bite-sized, digestible videos that intrigue and educate.

7. Kevin Tran (Le Rire Jaune)
Run by two brothers, Kevin and Henry Tran, Le Rire Jaune offers a blend of comedic sketches and vlogs that often touch upon their Asian-French heritage, providing a unique cultural insight.

8. Lionel Camy (French criminal affairs)

Lionel Camy is a prominent YouTuber known for sharing videos related to intriguing content, with recent views ranging from 69K to 185K on individual videos. He often touches upon criminal affairs, evidenced by a recent focus on criminal cases in Mexico. With an impressive subscriber count of 171,000, Lionel consistently engages his audience and teases them with upcoming content. His channel serves as a primary platform to share his findings and narratives with a global audience.

9. Tibo inshape (fitness)
If fitness and motivation get you going, then tibo inshape is one YouTuber you shouldn’t miss. Through his intense workout sessions, vlogs, and challenges, he not only inspires but entertains, making fitness feel more approachable.

10. Le grand JD (Urbex and scary stuff)
Delving deep into topics ranging from explorations, experiments to intense investigations, Le grand JD offers an eclectic mix of content that is both intriguing and entertaining. His knack for storytelling and capturing moments makes each video a captivating watch.

In Conclusion
Whether you’re learning French, interested in French culture, or just in search of fresh, engaging content, these French YouTubers offer something for everyone.

From humor to beauty to science, the French YouTube scene is as diverse as it is entertaining. So grab your favorite snack, settle in, and start exploring the world of French digital content!

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