100 Most Common French Verbs (PDF)

100 most common verbs in French

Learning French can seem daunting, but with enough practice and patience, anyone can become proficient in this beautiful language. One of the most important parts of learning French is building a strong foundation of verbs. Here are the 100 most common verbs in French that you should know in order to effectively communicate and express yourself in the language.

accepter – to accept
ajouter – to add
aller – to go
apparaître – to appear
appeler – to call
apporter – to bring
apprendre – to learn
arranger – to arrange
arrêter – to stop
arriver – to arrive
assembler – to assemble
attendre – to wait
avoir – to have
cacher – to hide
changer – to change
chanter – to sing
chercher – to look for
choisir – to choose
commencer – to begin
comprendre – to understand
concerner – to concern
connaître – to know, to be familiar with
continuer – to continue
courir – to run
créer – to create
croire – to believe
danser – to dance
demander – to ask
descendre – to go down, to descend
devenir – to become
devoir – must, to have to
dire – to say, to tell
donner – to give
dormir – to sleep
écouter – to listen
écrire – to write
encourager – to encourage
enseigner – to teach
entrer – to enter
envoyer – to send
espérer – to hope
établir – to establish
éteindre – to turn off, to extinguish
être – to be
étudier – to study
éviter – to avoid
exister – to exist
expliquer – to explain
faire – to do, to make
falloir – to need, to have to
fermer – to close
finir – to finish, to end
fonctionner – to function
gagner – to win, to earn
habiter – to live (in a place)
hésiter – to hesitate
inviter – to invite
jouer – to play
laisser – to leave, to let
lire – to read
manger – to eat
marcher – to walk
marquer – to mark
mettre – to put, to place
monter – to go up, to climb
montrer – to show
offrir – to offer
ouvrir – to open
parler – to speak
partir – to leave
penser – to think
perdre – to lose
permettre – to allow
porter – to wear, to carry
pouvoir – can, to be able to
prendre – to take
quitter – to leave, to abandon
regarder – to watch, to look
remplir – to fill
rencontrer – to meet
rendre – to give back, to return
reprendre – to take again, to resume
rester – to stay
réussir – to succeed
s’asseoir – to sit down
savoir – to know
sembler – to seem
servir – to serve
sortir – to go out, to leave
suivre – to follow
tenir – to hold, to keep
tenter – to try
terminer – to finish, to end
tomber – to fall
travailler – to work
tuer – to kill
venir – to come
vivre – to live
voir – to see
vouloir – to want

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