French Basics for Beginners: Question words

French Basics for Beginners: Question words

French is one of the most popular and widely spoken languages in the world. If you are a beginner learning French, understanding the question words is crucial in order to be able to communicate and comprehend the language. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common French question words and their meanings.

  1. Qui (kee) – Who
  2. Quoi (kwah) – What
  3. OΓΉ (oo) – Where
  4. Quand (kawn) – When
  5. Pourquoi (poor-kwah) – Why
  6. Comment (kom-mawn) – How
  7. Combien (kawn-bee-ahn) – How much/How many
  8. Que (kuh) – What
  9. Γ€ qui (ah kee) – To whom
  10. De qui (duh kee) – From whom
  11. Avec qui (ah-vek kee) – With whom
  12. Pour qui (poor kee) – For whom
  13. Γ€ quoi (ah kwah) – To what
  14. De quoi (duh kwah) – From what
  15. Avec quoi (ah-vek kwah) – With what
  16. Pour quoi (poor kwah) – For what
  17. Comment (kom-mawn) – How
  18. Combien de temps (kawn-bee-ahn duh tawn) – How long
  19. Quel (kehl) – Which/What
  20. Γ€ quel moment (ah kehl moh-mawn) – At what time

With these question words, you will be able to create basic questions that are essential for everyday communication. For example, you can ask “Qui est-ce?” to ask “Who is it?”, “OΓΉ habitez-vous?” to ask “Where do you live?” or “Comment Γ§a va?” to ask “How are you?”

As you continue to learn French, it is important to keep practicing the question words and incorporating them into your conversations. With time and practice, you will be able to communicate in French more effectively and confidently.

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