French from the beginning: Sports and physical activities Vocabulary

French from the beginning: Sports / Physical activities Vocabulary

Here’s a French vocabulary list with English words first (without uppercase) on the theme of sports and physical activities:

French Vocabulary English Translation
Le yoga Yoga
Le jogging Jogging
Le football Football (Soccer)
Le basketball Basketball
La natation Swimming
Le cyclisme Cycling
Le tennis Tennis
La randonnΓ©e Hiking
Le volley-ball Volleyball
Le ski Skiing
Le patinage Skating
La gymnastique Gymnastics
Le surf Surfing
Le hockey Hockey
La danse Dancing
Le badminton Badminton
La musculation Bodybuilding
Le golf Golf
Le rugby Rugby
Le saut Γ  la corde Jump rope


Whether you’re an athlete or simply enjoy staying active, this list of French vocabulary for sports and physical activities can help you better understand and communicate with French-speaking individuals in these contexts. Bonne chance!

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