CLEP French practice test

CLEP French practice test

Instructions: The following quiz covers some topics that may appear on the CLEP French exam, including grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge. Choose the best answer for each question and write the corresponding letter in the blank space.


In French, which of the following means “breakfast”?
a. Déjeuner
b. Petit-déjeuner
c. Dîner
d. Goûter

Which of these is the correct way to say “Goodbye” in French?
a. Bonjour
b. Salut
c. Au revoir
d. À bientôt

Choose the correct translation for the sentence “She is going to the library.”
a. Elle est allée à la bibliothèque.
b. Elle va à la bibliothèque.
c. Elle ira à la bibliothèque.
d. Elle est à la bibliothèque.

The French preposition “chez” is used to indicate:
a. Time
b. Direction
c. Someone’s home or workplace
d. Comparison

Which of these French artists is known for his paintings of ballerinas?
a. Claude Monet
b. Henri Matisse
c. Edgar Degas
d. Vincent van Gogh

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This quiz is designed to give you a taste of the kind of questions you may encounter on the CLEP French exam. The actual exam covers a wider range of topics, including listening and reading comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge.

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