French reading comprehension test

French reading comprehension test

Instructions: Read the text below carefully and answer the following questions. Write your answers in the spaces provided.

Text :

Lucie habite à Paris, la capitale de la France. Elle travaille comme architecte et aime beaucoup son métier. Chaque matin, elle se rend au travail en vélo pour éviter les embouteillages. Pendant son temps libre, Lucie aime se promener le long de la Seine, visiter les musées et déguster des pâtisseries françaises dans les boulangeries locales.

Questions :

  1. Where does Lucie live?
  2. What is her job?
  3. How does she get to work each morning?
  4. Why does she choose this means of transport?
  5. What activities does Lucy like to do in her free time?

Answers :

  1. Lucie lives in Paris.
  2. She is an architect.
  3. She goes to work by bike.
  4. She chooses this means of transport to avoid traffic jams.
  5. In her free time, she likes to walk along the Seine, visit museums and taste French pastries in local bakeries.

This French comprehension test assesses the ability to read and understand a short text in French.

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