Dire conjugation in French (to say/to tell)

Dire conjugation in French

“Dire” is a common French verb that means “to say” or “to tell.” Conjugating “dire” in different tenses and with different subject pronouns is an important part of using this verb in conversation and writing.

Here’s how to conjugate “dire” in the present tense:

Je dis (I say)
Tu dis (You say – informal)
Il/Elle/On dit (He/She/One says)
Nous disons (We say)
Vous dites (You say – formal or plural)
Ils/Elles disent (They say)

It’s important to note that “dire” is a regular -re verb, which means that it follows a common conjugation pattern for verbs in this category.

By understanding this pattern and practicing conjugating “dire” in different tenses and with different subject pronouns, you’ll be able to use this important verb with confidence. So, keep speaking and writing in French, and soon you’ll be able to conjugate “dire” like a pro!


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