Easy French Words to Learn: Shops and shopping

Easy French Words to Learn: Shops and shopping

Shopping is an essential activity that we engage in regularly. It involves visiting various shops and stores to purchase goods and services.

When you visit a French-speaking country, it is essential to know the names of different types of shops and the items sold in them.

This vocabulary list provides a comprehensive list of French words that will enable you to communicate with French-speaking shop attendants and shopkeepers effectively.

Vocabulary List:

  1. La boutique – Shop
  2. Le magasin – Store
  3. La boulangerie – Bakery
  4. La pâtisserie – Pastry shop
  5. La librairie – Bookstore
  6. La papeterie – Stationery shop
  7. La parfumerie – Perfume shop
  8. La pharmacie – Pharmacy
  9. La bijouterie – Jewelry store
  10. Le supermarché – Supermarket
  11. La poissonnerie – Fishmonger
  12. La boucherie – Butcher shop
  13. La charcuterie – Delicatessen
  14. La fromagerie – Cheese shop
  15. La cave à vin – Wine shop
  16. La quincaillerie – Hardware store
  17. La droguerie – Household goods store
  18. Le magasin de vêtements – Clothing store
  19. Le magasin de chaussures – Shoe store
  20. Le magasin de jouets – Toy store
  21. Le magasin de musique – Music store
  22. Le magasin de sport – Sports store
  23. La grande surface – Department store
  24. La épicerie – Grocery store
  25. Le marchand de journaux – Newsstand
  26. La boutique de cadeaux – Gift shop
  27. La mercerie – Sewing supplies store
  28. Le marché – Market
  29. La galerie commerciale – Shopping mall
  30. Le kiosque – Kiosk

This English-French vocabulary list contains some of the most commonly used words and phrases related to shops and shopping. These words will help you communicate with French-speaking shopkeepers and attendants effectively.

With this knowledge, you can make the most of your shopping experience and avoid any confusion that may arise due to a language barrier.

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