Easy French Words to Learn: Geometric Shapes

Easy French Words to Learn: Geometric Shapes

Learning geometric shapes is an important part of vocabulary acquisition in any language.

This list contains the most common geometric shapes you might encounter in French.

  1. Un cercle – a circle
  2. Un carré – a square
  3. Un triangle – a triangle
  4. Un rectangle – a rectangle
  5. Un losange – a diamond
  6. Un ovale – an oval
  7. Un hexagone – a hexagon
  8. Un trapèze – a trapezium
  9. Un pentagone – a pentagon
  10. Un octogone – an octagon
  11. Une étoile – a star
  12. Une flèche – an arrow
  13. Un demi-cercle – a semi-circle
  14. Une croix – a cross
  15. Une spirale – a spiral
  16. Un rhombus – a rhombus
  17. Un polygone – a polygon
  18. Une sphère – a sphere
  19. Un cube – a cube
  20. Un cylindre – a cylinder

Conclusion: This English-French vocabulary list provides a helpful reference for learning and memorizing the names of common geometric shapes in French.

Whether you’re studying French in school or just looking to expand your vocabulary, this list is a great place to start.

Knowing these words can be especially useful if you’re traveling to a French-speaking country and need to communicate about shapes in everyday life.

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