Easy French Words to Learn: The Bedroom

Easy French Words to Learn: The Bedroom

If you’re traveling to a French-speaking country and staying in a hotel or renting a room, you’ll want to know some basic French words related to the bedroom.

This vocabulary list includes essential words to help you describe and identify the various items in your bedroom.

Vocabulary List:

  • un lit (a bed)
  • un matelas (a mattress)
  • un sommier (a bed frame)
  • un oreiller (a pillow)
  • une couverture (a blanket)
  • une couette (a duvet)
  • un drap (a sheet)
  • une taie d’oreiller (a pillowcase)
  • un placard (a wardrobe)
  • une commode (a dresser)
  • un miroir (a mirror)
  • un rideau (a curtain)
  • un tapis (a rug)
  • une lampe (a lamp)
  • une prise (a socket)
  • une télécommande (a remote control)

Mastering this basic French vocabulary related to the bedroom can help you communicate better when traveling to a French-speaking country. By knowing these essential words, you can describe and identify the items in your room and make your stay more comfortable.

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