Easy French Words to Learn: Books and Writing

Easy French Words to Learn: Books and Writing

Books and writing are an essential part of human civilization. Throughout history, people have used books to record their ideas and stories, educate others, and create art. Writing has allowed us to communicate with each other over long distances and through time. Whether you’re a writer or an avid reader, it’s useful to know the vocabulary related to books and writing in French. This vocabulary list contains some of the most common words and phrases that you’ll come across in the world of books and writing.

English-French Vocabulary List: Books and Writing

  • Book: livre
  • Author: auteur
  • Novel: roman
  • Fiction: fiction
  • Nonfiction: non-fiction
  • Biography: biographie
  • Autobiography: autobiographie
  • History: histoire
  • Poetry: poésie
  • Play: pièce de théâtre
  • Screenplay: scénario
  • Plot: intrigue
  • Character: personnage
  • Protagonist: protagoniste
  • Antagonist: antagoniste
  • Setting: cadre
  • Theme: thème
  • Genre: genre
  • Chapter: chapitre
  • Page: page
  • Cover: couverture
  • Title: titre
  • Introduction: introduction
  • Conclusion: conclusion
  • Table of Contents: table des matières
  • Index: index
  • Paragraph: paragraphe
  • Sentence: phrase
  • Word: mot
  • Quotation: citation

Note: In French, the word “livre” can refer to both a book and a pound.

  • Writing: écriture
  • Writer: écrivain
  • Pencil: crayon
  • Pen: stylo
  • Ink: encre
  • Paper: papier
  • Notebook: carnet
  • Keyboard: clavier
  • Screen: écran
  • Delete: effacer
  • Edit: éditer
  • Proofread: relire
  • Publish: publier
  • Manuscript: manuscrit
  • Draft: brouillon
  • Rewrite: réécrire
  • Typewriter: machine à écrire

Note: In French, the word “écrire” can refer to both writing and typing on a keyboard.

Learning these words and phrases will help you navigate the world of books and writing in French. Whether you’re reading a classic novel or writing your own masterpiece, these terms will help you communicate more effectively with others in the field.

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