French adverbs of quantity

French adverbs of quantity

Adverbs of quantity in French refer to words that describe the amount or degree of an action.

Some common adverbs of quantity in French are “beaucoup” (a lot), “peu” (a little), “trop” (too much), “assez” (enough), and “tout” (all).


  1. J’ai beaucoup d’amis. (I have a lot of friends.)
  2. Il y a peu de sucre dans ce café. (There is a little sugar in this coffee.)
  3. Tu as trop de livres. (You have too many books.)
  4. Il y a assez de place pour tout le monde. (There is enough space for everyone.)
  5. J’aime tout chez toi. (I love everything about you.)

Adverbs of quantity can be placed before or after the noun in a sentence, depending on the desired emphasis.

For example, “J’ai beaucoup d’amis” emphasizes the quantity of friends, while “Beaucoup, j’ai d’amis” emphasizes the contrast with having few friends.

Practice using adverbs of quantity in French sentences to improve your understanding and usage of these important words.


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