French adverbs of time

French adverbs of time

Adverbs of time in French refer to words that describe when an action occurs.

Some common adverbs of time in French are “maintenant” (now), “hier” (yesterday), “demain” (tomorrow), and “toujours” (always).


  1. Je mange maintenant. (I am eating now.)
  2. Je suis allé à l’école hier. (I went to school yesterday.)
  3. Je vais à la plage demain. (I am going to the beach tomorrow.)
  4. Je parle français toujours. (I always speak French.)

It’s also important to note that French adverbs of time can be placed in different positions within a sentence depending on the emphasis desired.

For example, “Je mange maintenant” emphasizes the present moment, while “Maintenant, je mange” emphasizes the contrast with a previous time.

Practice making sentences with adverbs of time in French to get a better understanding of their usage and placement within sentences.


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