French adverbs of place

French adverbs of place

Adverbs of place in French refer to words that describe where an action takes place.

Some common adverbs of place in French are “ici” (here), “” (there), “ailleurs” (elsewhere), “partout” (everywhere), and “nulle part” (nowhere).


  1. Je vis ici. (I live here.)
  2. Elle est là-bas. (She is over there.)
  3. Je veux aller ailleurs. (I want to go elsewhere.)
  4. Il y a des fleurs partout. (There are flowers everywhere.)
  5. Il n’y a personne nulle part. (There is nobody nowhere.)

Adverbs of place can be placed before or after the verb in a sentence, depending on the desired emphasis.

For example, “Je vis ici” emphasizes the location, while “Ici, je vis” emphasizes the contrast with living elsewhere.

Practice using adverbs of place in French sentences to improve your understanding and usage of these important words.


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