French CLEP exam (Free online quiz for students)

French CLEP exam

The following quiz consists of 10 diverse questions covering various aspects of the French language, as they might appear on the French CLEP exam.

This quiz will test your knowledge of vocabulary, grammar, reading comprehension, and listening skills.

Please note that a real CLEP exam is more comprehensive and requires audio components for the listening section.

1. Select the correct translation for the following sentence: “The apple is red.”

a. La pomme est verte. b. La pomme est rouge. c. Le pomme est rouge. d. Le pomme est vert.

2. Choose the correct form of the verb “prendre” (to take) for the subject “vous” (you) in the present tense.

a. prends b. prend c. prenez d. prenons

3. Select the appropriate preposition to complete the sentence: “Il habite ____ Paris.”

a. à b. en c. au d. aux

4. Match the correct French translation to the English word: “Furniture”

a. Meubles b. Linge c. Animaux d. Plantes

5. Fill in the blank with the correct reflexive pronoun: “Tu ____ couvres la nuit.”

a. me b. te c. se d. vous

6. Choose the correct past participle of the verb “vendre” (to sell) in the passé composé.

a. vendu b. vendis c. vendé d. vendus

7. Read the following sentence and choose the correct English translation: “Nous sommes allés au marché ce matin.”

a. We are going to the market this morning. b. We went to the market this morning. c. We will go to the market this morning. d. We go to the market this morning.

8. Select the correct plural form of the French noun “cheval” (horse).

a. chevals b. chevaux c. chevalles d. chevaliers

9. Identify the correct agreement of the past participle with the subject in this sentence: “Les fleurs qu’elle a _____ sont magnifiques.” (The flowers that she bought are beautiful.)

a. acheté b. achetée c. achetées d. achetés

10. Choose the correct translation for the following question: “Do you have any brothers or sisters?”

a. Avez-vous des frères ou sœurs ? b. Combien de frères et sœurs avez-vous ? c. Qui sont vos frères et sœurs ? d. Comment sont vos frères et sœurs ?

Please note that the answers are provided below. Do not look at the answers until you have completed the quiz to get an accurate assessment of your knowledge.

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