French Halloween Vocabulary • The Most Useful Words

French Halloween Vocabulary

Halloween is a popular holiday celebrated in many countries, and France is no exception. Even though Halloween is not an official holiday in France, it has gained popularity over the years, especially among the younger generations. If you are planning to spend Halloween in France or just want to learn some Halloween vocabulary, here is a list of common words and expressions to get you started.

  • Pumpkin: citrouille
  • Witch: sorcière
  • Ghost: fantôme
  • Skeleton: squelette
  • Bat: chauve-souris
  • Spider: araignée
  • Black cat: chat noir
  • Scarecrow: épouvantail
  • Haunted house: maison hantée
  • Trick or treat: des bonbons ou un sort
  • Costume: déguisement
  • Mask: masque
  • Candy: bonbon
  • Jack-o’-lantern: citrouille d’Halloween
  • Graveyard: cimetière
  • Full moon: pleine lune
  • Horror: horreur
  • Fright: frayeur
  • Monster: monstre
  • Mummy: momie
  • Vampire: vampire
  • Werewolf: loup-garou
  • Frankenstein: Frankenstein
  • Zombie: zombie
  • Cursed: maudit
  • Broomstick: balai
  • Cauldron: chaudron
  • Potion: potion
  • Evil: maléfique
  • Fear: peur
  • Darkness: obscurité

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