Food vocabulary in french • The most useful Words

French Food Words you need to know

French cuisine is renowned around the world for its delicious flavors and intricate preparations. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking to expand your culinary vocabulary, this list of French food vocabulary is a great place to start. From classic French dishes to everyday ingredients, you’ll find a wide range of food-related terms in this list.

  • Bread (le pain)
  • Cheese (le fromage)
  • Wine (le vin)
  • Butter (le beurre)
  • Eggs (les oeufs)
  • Flour (la farine)
  • Sugar (le sucre)
  • Salt (le sel)
  • Pepper (le poivre)
  • Garlic (l’ail)
  • Onion (l’oignon)
  • Tomato (la tomate)
  • Carrot (la carotte)
  • Potato (la pomme de terre)
  • Salad (la salade)
  • Mushroom (le champignon)
  • Beef (le boeuf)
  • Chicken (le poulet)
  • Pork (le porc)
  • Fish (le poisson)
  • Shrimp (la crevette)
  • Lobster (le homard)
  • Crab (le crabe)
  • Oyster (l’huître)
  • Mussels (les moules)
  • Clams (les palourdes)
  • Snails (les escargots)
  • Foie gras (le foie gras)
  • Quiche (la quiche)
  • Croissant (le croissant)
  • Baguette (la baguette)
  • Creme brulee (la crème brûlée)
  • Chocolate (le chocolat)
  • Ice cream (la glace)

This list is by no means exhaustive, but it covers many of the most commonly used food-related terms in French. With these words in your vocabulary, you’ll be able to read menus, shop for groceries, and talk about food and cooking with confidence. Bon appétit!

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